Internatioal Symposia
12.02.22 The Workshop on Stratospheric Sudden Warming and its Role in Weather and Climate Variations
11.03.24 International Workshop on Disaster Reduction Hyperbase (DRH)
10.09.02 International Symposium on the 25th Anniversary of the MU Radar
10.08.24 Uploaded the Circular of GCOE-ARS International Symposium on a Robust and Resilient Society against Natural Hazards & Environmental Disasters and the Third AUN/Seed-Net Regional Conference on Geo-Disaster Mitigation
10.08.23 The 2nd Scientific and Educational Workshop on Sustainability/Survivability Science for a Resilient Society Adaptable to Extreme
10.01.13 G-COE Kick Off Symposium “Sustainability/Survivability Science for a Resilient Society Adaptable to Extreme Weather Conditions”
12.08.28 31th GCOE seminar
12.05.30 28th GCOE seminar
12.04.13 27th GCOE seminar
11.12.20 23rd GCOE seminar
11.11.11 22nd GCOE seminar
11.10.12 19th GCOE seminar
11.10.04 21st GCOE seminar
11.09.30 20th GCOE seminar
11.06.17 18th GCOE seminar
11.06.17 17th GCOE seminar
11.06.13 GCOE-ARS Special Seminar
11.05.13 The 16th GCOE-ARS Seminar
11.04.15 The 15th GCOE-ARS Seminar
11.03.11 GCOE-ARS Special Seminar will be held on 11th March 2011
11.01.20 The 14th GCOE-ARS Seminar will be held on 20th January 2011
10.12.03 The 13th GCOE-ARS Seminar
10.11.15 The 12th GCOE-ARS Seminar (DPRI)
10.10.19 The 11th GCOE-ARS seminar
10.10.12 The 10th GCOE-ARS Seminar (GSGES)
10.09.27 The 9th GCOE-ARS seminar
10.09.14 The 8th GCOE-ARS seminar
10.07.02 The 7th GCOE-ARS seminar
10.04.30 The 5th GCOE-ARS seminar (report)
10.03.15 The 4th GCOE-ARS Seminar
12.08.01 PDF Handout of Slide: Case Studies Harmonizing Disaster Management and Environment Conservation
11.04.30 Deadline of 2011's registration form
Internatinonal Schools
11.08.28 KAGI21 International Summer School(Aug/28-Sept/3)
11.02.28 Postgraduate Courses on Building Resilience to Climate Change
10.11.07 20th IHP training course (U-Z-03)
Related Meetings
10.10.07 GCOE-ARS educational program guidance
12.03.26 The 1st GCOE-ARS Graduation Ceremony
10.10.06 The guidance of the curriculum is going to be held at the following schedule.
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