The 23rd GCOE-ARS Seminar


We will hold the 23th GCOE-ARS Seminar with the following contents. We welcome all  interested Staffs and Graduate school Students (especially those who have registered to GCOE-ARS course).


Date: Dec. 20, 2011(Tue.)10:00~12:00

Place: Kyoto University, Uji Campus,  S-519D


External hazards and Natech Risks Ana Maria Cruz, Ph.D.
Visiting Professor Disaster Prevention Research Institute Kyoto University              

This paper reviews ways in which damage to and/or disruption of infrastructure systems, particularly those that house hazardous materials, can be anticipated and what measures can be taken to protect them. Furthermore, the paper reviews ongoing efforts to  better understand infrastructure interdependencies in order to aid mitigation and emergency response planning. Some policy options and risk reduction strategies that can be taken to reduce potential damage and losses during extreme natural disaster events are presented. In addition, the institutional, political and economic pre-conditions needed for protecting infrastructure are discussed.


Contact: secretariat@ars.gcoe.kyoto‐u.ac.jp








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