International Symposium on GCOE-ARS

“Sustainability/Survivabilty Science for a Resilient Society Adaptable to Extreme Weather Conditions”
- 平成24年度GCOE-ARS成果報告国際シンポジウム- が開催されました。



[Date]  Aug. 3-4, 2011

[Venue]  Kihada Hall 1F, Uji Obaku Plaza, Kyoto University

■Participants 80 (37 from 22countries)


■Day1(August 3, 2011[Fri])

Session 1-1 chairs: Shigeo Yoden, William John Siembieda

10:15 Revisiting the Concept of Tsunami Tendenko : Tsunami evacuation behavior in the Great East Japan Earthquake -----Katsuya Yamori
10:30 Development of a large-scale distributed rainfall-runoff/flood inundation model for the flood risk management-----Kenichiro Kobayashi
10:45 Micromedia service for evacuation under heavy rains-----Haruo Hayashi
11:00 Detecting groundwater flowing on a mountain slope using electrical resistivity Imaging-----Yosuke Yamakawa
11:15 Building Disaster Resilience with Indigenous Knowledge in Rural Fiji-----Ayako Fujieda
11:30 Practical techniques and extension method for desertification control in the Sahel, West Africa-----Ueru Tanaka
11:45 Lunch break

Session 1-2 chairs: Hajime Nakagawa,Van-Thanh-Van Nguyen

13:00 Numerical Study on River Embankment Failure due to Overtopping Flow Considering Infiltration Effects-----Hideaki Mizutani
13:15 Experimental study on development of integrated urban inundation model -----Seungsoo Lee
13:30 High-resolution paleoclimate reconstruction of tropical Asia using stable isotopic data from speleothems and trees-----Takahiro Tagami
13:45 Radar echo population of thunderstorms and feasibility study on nowcasting of thunderstorm-induced local heavy rainfalls-----Masahito Ishihara
14:00 Gfdnavi: a tool to analyze, visualize, and share meteorological data,and its application to the output of ensemble predictions-----Shigenori Otsuka
14:15 Observational study on diurnal precipitation cycle over Indonesian Maritime Continent-----Hiroyuki Hashiguchi
14:30 Estimation of Space-Time Structure of Raindrop Size Distribution at Heavy Rainfall-----Kosei Yamaguchi
14:45 Comparison of GPS and radiosonde pecipitable water vapor derived from GPS and radiospnde data for Indonesia-----Kazutoshi Sato
15:00 Coffee break

Special session chair: Hirohiko Ishikawa

15:20 About GCOE-ARS-----Kaoru Takara
15:50 Extreme weather and adaptation in southeast Asia-----Ismail Bin Abustan (Universiti Sains Malaysia, Malaysia)
16:10 Climate change research and engineering education-----Van-Thanh-Van Nguyen (McGill University, Canada)
16:30 Natech disasters: sharing lessons from conjoint natural and technological Disasters-----Ana Maria Cruz Naranjo (University of Bordeaux, France)
16:50 Possible future of Japanese disaster management-----William John Siembieda (California Polytechnic State University, USA)
17:10 Water and enviroment management in Africa-----Mohamed Ahmed Soliman (National Research Institute of Astronomy and Geophysics, Egypt)
17:30 National Weather Center and collaboration with Kyoto University-----Tian-You Yu (University of Oklahoma, USA)
17:50 Introduction of Department of Disaster Science and Management at University of Dhaka-----AQM Mahbub (University of Dhaka, Bangladesh)
18:10 Break
18:30 Banquet

■Day2(August 4, 2011[SAT])

[Venue] Kihada Hall 1F, Uji Obaku Plaza, Kyoto University.

9:30 Overview Subtheme1: Science-Engineering Interdisciplinary Research -----Toshitaka Tsuda

Session 2-1   chairs: Takashi Hosoda, Ismail Bin Abustan

9:45  A time-lagged ensemble technique for the study of severe rainfalls in the Tropics-----Shigeo Yoden
10:00  Climate Change Effects on Waves, Typhoons and storm Surges-----Hajime Mase
10:15 Frequency Analysis of Extreme Events for Disaster Management -----Kaoru Takara
10:30 Specific spring point of bedrock groundwater at the bottom of hillslope -----Masamitsu Fujimoto
10:45 On the use of satellite derived precipitation data in semi-arid environment in Asia and Africa-----Hirohiko Ishikawa
11:00 To understand typhoons' behavior over Indochina-----Takehiko Satomura
11:15 A Real-time Monitoring System of Precipitable Water Vapor (PWV) Using a Dense GNSS Receiver Network-----Toshitaka Tsuda
11:30 Lunch break, Poster presentation and disccussion

Session 2-2 chairs: Masahito Ishihara, Mohamed Ahmed Soliman

13:00 Scientific and Integrated Reserach by In-situ Campaign Observations Synchronizing Polarimetric Radar with Video-sonde-----Eiichi Nakakita
13:15 Prediction of Natural Landslide Dam Breaching for Kii-mountains in 2011 -----Takahisa Mizuyama
13:30 Evaluation of People's Awareness and Consensus Level to River Improvement Projects with Flood Control and Dam Construction for a Few River Basins-----Takashi Hosoda
13:45 Deep-seated catastrophic landslides induced by typhoon Talas, 2011: for the spacial and temporal prediction of their occurrence-----Masahiro Chigira
14:00 Precursor process and triggering mechanism of rapid landslides under extreme weather conditions,and an attempt of ICT-based participatory joint mapping of past landslides with experts in developing countries-----Hiroshi Fukuoka
14:15 Flood Estimation and Prediction using particle filters-----Yasuto Tachikawa
14:30 Coffee break

Session 2-3 chairs: Masahiro Chigira, Ana Maria Cruz Naranjo

14:50 Sensitivity Analysis on Lake Water Quality under the SRES climate change scenario using Biwa-3D-----Yosuke Yamashiki
15:05 Cause Mechanism and GIS Based Spatiotemporal Analysis of Anthropogenic Environmental Disasters in Eastern Asia-----Bin He
15:20 Environmental adaptation of a Lagoon village living with floods: a case study in Van Quat Dong village located in a flood-prone area, central Vietnam-----Yuki Okamoto
15:35 Promotion of community intiative for maintenance of small scale infrastructures in developing countries-----Makoto Kimura
15:50 Japan-Egypt Hydro Network: Modern methodologies for integrated water resources management in Egypt-----Tetsuya Sumi
16:05 Mobile Weather Alert - a pilot project in Uganda-----Makoto Suwa (Development and Regional Activities Department, World Meteorological Organization)
16:20 Panel discussion



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